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Group of Women
"When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid." - Audre Lorde

Paying It Forward

Resources For Women Recovering

Form Cancer

Out Of April's Miracle Came An Initiative To Help Other Women Recovering Form Cancer Find Resscouces Such As Housing, Transportation, Food Support, And After Treatment Of All Types. That is What This Page Is About And What the /Long Term Goal Is Of This Non-Profit.


In our process of supporting April in her recovery journey, we discovered that the maze of advocacy for women in recovery from cancer is vast and almost impossible in certain circumstances. Women need help with transportation, medical equipment, and housing to food insecurity. We have hit many walls, and we know that other women must also go through this. That is why we will pay it forward by offering the swath of resource links and, hopefully, one-day funding stipends for those in need across the Common Wealth of Massachusetts, Boston & Cape Cod. 


  • MassHealth Member Services here:  (800) 497-4648 (TTY)

  •  Easter Seals

  • Catholic Charities 617 482 5440

  • Poor People's United Fund 617 262 5922

  • Knights of Columbus 617 551 0628

  • Salvation Army 617 542 5420

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